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In July and August of 2017, wildfires scorched Montana’s forests and mountains. Thousands of people were affected, including my family. We were put under an evacuation warning and watched the Lolo Peak Fire race over the mountain towards our home. Going through this experience was terrifying and chaotic. That’s why I created Evacusafe - a fire relief system that makes the evacuation process less stressful for both victims and law enforcement.

POSTER SIGNAGE: When law enforcement comes to a wildfire victim’s door to warn them that they may have to leave, the officers will place the Evacusafe warning posters on the front door. When victims are about to leave, they will simply flip the poster from home to gone. This way, law enforcement will know from a distance that all people in that home are safe.

Evacusafe Signage

PACKAGING: Law enforcement will hand victims an official evacuation warning letter, and the Evacusafe emergency kit. The kit is designed to keep all of the most essential paperwork in one place.

MOBILE APP:  The Evacusafe app is a one-stop-shop for all fire information, complete with preparation checklists, heat maps, and alerts.